17 October 2022 Beauty Make up & fragrance

Chanel to open in Vildmannen 7

The Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique is moving to its new address.

We are delighted to announce that we are once again able to welcome new tenants to Vildmannen 7 – the property that was completely destroyed by fire in 2017 in the centre of Biblioteksgatan in Bibliotekstan. The Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique is moving to its new address in the area and opening a new store on the corner of Biblioteksgatan and Jakobsbergsgatan.

The culturally and historically significant Vildmannen 7 is located at the heart of Stockholm, on one of the city’s most beloved shopping streets. This intricately detailed building has stood on the corner of Biblioteksgatan and Jakobsbergsgatan since 1895. The house was ravaged by fire in November 2017 and large parts of the building were destroyed. Fortunately, it was possible to save the facade, an especially unique example, consisting of rose-layer sandstone with sculptures in the National Romantic Tudor style. In the past few years, the building has been renovated throughout, and now Vildmannen 7 is finally ready to welcome tenants and visitors.

Chanel Fragrance and Beauty’s new store will be the first store tenant to move into Vildmannen 7.

- “The rebuilding of Vildmannen 7 is a key piece of the puzzle in our continued development of Bibliotekstan, so it feels fantastic to welcome Chanel as the first store tenant to the property. The luxury brand will offer a unique customer experience with first-class products in an inspiring environment and will thus strengthen Biblioteksgatan as a vibrant meeting place and business street at the heart of Bibliotekstan,” says Emanuel Westin, Head of Business Development, Retail at Hufvudstaden.

    Bibliotekstan is Stockholm’s top meeting place offering all the best in international and Swedish fashion together with restaurants and cafés in inspiring surroundings.