14 October 2019 Beauty Make up & fragrance

Chanel expands

The Chanel store is expanding

Congratulations to all Chanel fans! In autumn 2019, the floor space at the current Chanel store at Birger Jarlsgatan 7 in Stockholm will increase to around 500 square metres spread over two floors. The expansion of the Chanel store will help to further reinforce Bibliotekstan as the foremost shopping destination in Scandinavia. 

Chanel’s decision to expand its store is confirmation yet again that our strategy of developing Bibliotekstan into the foremost destination in Scandinavia for Swedish and international fashion was the correct path to follow.  

“We are extremely pleased that Chanel is choosing to broaden its retail operations in Bibliotekstan. Chanel’s newly expanded store will reinforce Bibliotekstan as the obvious meeting point for shopping and culinary experiences,” said Emanuel Westin, Head of Business Development Retail, Hufvudstaden. 

Bibliotekstan offers the best in Swedish and international fashion, combined with interesting and vibrant culinary experiences.